The forecast of rain, sleet and possible snow has Houston street crews on standby Thursday evening.

Unlike parts of the country up north, Houston has no plows or salt trucks to take care of icy roads.  TxDOT crews are pre-treating bridges and overpasses with a chemical to lower the freezing point, but city crews still rely on chat rock to keep drivers safe.

“It helps break up the ice that's on the ground, but mostly what it does is provide a layer of traction above that ice,” says Michael Walter at the city's office of emergency management.

Walter tells KTRH News that crews are asking the public's help in identifying slippery bridges and overpasses.

“Once that freezing rain falls onto those cold areas, onto those overpasses and bridges, it can turn into ice very quickly,” he says.  “We want folks to report those areas of ice to the city by calling the city's 3-1-1 hotline so we can have enough of those resources out where they're needed the most.”

Walter says if you don't have to go out Thursday night or Friday morning, then don't.  Otherwise, pay attention and slow down.