All our lives we've been told people are either left brain thinkers or right brain thinkers; that left brain thinkers are more logical and right brain thinkers are more creative. But new research says that's nonsense.

UT Health and the Mischer Neuroscience Institute at Memorial Hermann-TMC neurosurgeon Dr. Scott Shepard says it appears to be a myth.

"Now we're debunking old myths with new research methods. Just like cracking your knuckles; turns out it's not bad for ya."

But Dr. Shepard says it made sense in the past to make these assumptions.

"We figured out that language was on the left side, so it was a convenient way to explain personality types."

But a new study used MRIs to determine there's no evidence people are stronger on one side of the brain over the other.

"All this new research is telling us that things like personality and other aspects of what we are really require the whole brain to talk back and forth, not just one side to dominate."