If you are starting to think about your retirement, some of the rules of saving that you’ve been living by may no longer apply the way they used to.

We're talking about the old 4% rule, the one that says if you use 4% of your nest egg every year, your money should last 30 years. KTRH Money Man Pat Shinn says that rule might be outdated.

“It’s been turned upside down lately. The rule might not apply because interest rates are at all time lows. If you are a saver, if you don’t want to take risk, your investments aren’t going to earn 4%,” Shinn explained.

So what can you do? Shinn says it's all about your 401K. Don't put aside a percentage. Put aside a dollar amount every year.

“People 49 years old and younger can put away $17,500 a year. If you are fifty or older you can add an additional five thousand dollars,” Shinn said.

So your money may not earn as much and it won't last as long. Some people's idea of a retirement plan is to work as long as possible. Shinn says that strategy doesn't work either.

“The problem with that is that one-third of all workers who plan on working forever are forced to retire due to health reasons or layoffs,” Shinn stated.

And another sobering thought for you. The 2012 Retirement Confidence Survey showed that 60% of you have less than 25 thousand dollars put away for your retirement.