A popular restaurant chain is offering parents a break from the kids Friday night.  Olive Garden is picking up the babysitting tab for one night only, teaming with a network of children's fitness centers called My Gym.

“If they tell Olive Garden that they're doing the sponsored parents night out, they will pushed to VIP seating, they will have their wonderful meal, then Olive Garden will make sure they're out in time to come pick their kids up,” says Garret Gerard who works at the My Gym in Katy.

Meanwhile, My Gym will feed and entertain the kids.

“We will play lots of structured games, we'll feed the kids dinner all between six and nine,” Gerard tells KTRH News.

Many parents we spoke with love the idea.

“I wish more businesses would do that, and maybe have an on site playroom you could drop your kids off at,” said one father.

“It actually helps you become a better parent when you can leave your kids for a while and have some time to decompress,” one mother told us.

“If you don't get away, really you do go insane after a while no matter how much you love your kids,” another father said.

Unfortunately, both My Gym in Katy and The Woodlands already sold out Friday's promotion.