Elton John's song 'Levon' claims the New York Times once declared 'God is dead.' But that's not true, Time magazine did. It is however true the Times has essentially declared the printed newspaper dead. But not everyone agrees.

"The phrase 'print is dead' originally came from the movie 'Ghostbusters' 30 years ago and it wasn't true then and it's not true now."

University of Houston digital media Professor Jerry Waite says his students don't trust the digital edition as much.

"If it's in print it's more likely to have been reviewed by somebody than to be just somebody's rant on some blog somewhere."

DePauw University media critic Jeff McCall says he hopes print isn't dead because readers don't read the paper the same way online.

"People don't read the stories as long; they maybe don't read the same kinds of stories or maybe don't get as many stories. I don't think the printed newspaper is dead yet and I hope it never is dead because people can get a lot more out of print editions than they can just surfing the web."

The Houston Chronicle has reportedly seen a slight increase in weekend printed editions -- including Spanish language versions -- compared to 2011.