Earlier this week we told you that the government wants to track your car by using its license plate. Now there is word the government wants to do the same thing with your body.

Steve Peacock at World Net Daily says it's something that's going on under the radar.

“The Air Force Research Lab has a program where they are looking for private sector help in developing technology that can detect bio-signatures,” Peacock told KTRH. “They want to be able to conduct intelligence activities that span the complete range of human performance starting at the individual level.

In other words they want to track you by using your DNA. But is that possible when it's all said and done??

"Right now it’s a theoretical program according to the information that’s available,” Peacock said. “The documents are there. It’s totally legit. I didn’t hack into any government system.”

And Peacock has links to those documents in his report. So he says you shouldn't ignore his report just yet.

“It’s verifiable. Nothing in this article is beyond what I found in these announcements and documents from the Air Force Research Lab,” Peacock stated.

But he adds that the technology will likely take years to develop.

“They don’t have the technology now. There’s no evidence of being able to detect something in your DNA from a distance. But this is what they’d like to do,” Peacock said.