A report from Transportation for America says that one out of every nine bridges in the United States needs to be repaired. But state officials say that concerns about bridges in Houston are not warranted.

John Barton, the Deputy Executive Director of TxDOT, told KTRH that of the 2,911 bridges in the Greater Houston area, only 18 of them are ‘structurally deficient.’ Barton explains that doesn't mean they are in danger of falling down.

“It just means the bridge has gotten to that stage where we have to do maintenance on it to make sure it continues to function like it’s supposed to,” Barton explained.

Barton says none of those 18 bridges are on TxDOT's 'top 10 list' for those that need to be fixed up, and that an unsafe bridge would be closed immediately to keep you safe.

“There have been some bridges that we have worked on in and around the Houston area. But, there are none on our watch list right now,” Barton said.

David Goldberg co-wrote the report for Transportation for America and says there are reasons Texas fares better than most states.

“They’ve made a decision to prioritize maintenance and you don’t have the harsh winters and some of the weather issues that other states deal with,” Goldberg told KTRH.

So what can you do to make sure the bridges remain safe?

Goldberg said, “You can contact TxDOT and inquire about the bridges” if you notice something that isn’t right.

The report came out just about a month after the I-5 Bridge collapsed in Washington state.

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