A study out of Australia suggests children of same-sex parents are 'happier' then their peers.

Researchers at the Univesity of Melbourne surveyed 500 children belonging to 315 same-sex parents. About 80 percent of the kids had female parents and about 18 percent had male parents, the study states.

They scored 6-percent higher on general health and overall family cohesion than kids from traditional families.

However, pediatrician Benjamin Siegel at Boston Medical Center is quick to point out the feeling of 'happiness' is subjective.

“Like many of these studies, this was not a big sample and I'm not sure how to understand happiness,” Siegel tells KTRH News.  “I would like to think as parents we want to raise resilient children who are strong and have good capacity for moral development.”

Two years ago, a University of Texas researcher published a study which found kids of same-sex couples were more likely to be depressed, use drugs and be unemployed.

Siegel has studied the issue for 30 years, and says there are numerous factors to consider.

“Everybody has there own issues,” he says.  “And I do think that economic issues, poverty, single parenthood, stigma, racism, other things all go into the stability of the family.”