In another alarmist "global warming" report, a researcher claims cities like Galveston could be under water this century if we don't make drastic cuts to greenhouse emissions. The report claims sea levels are already much higher than expected this century.

Galveston city manager Michael Kovacs says he doesn't know what the future holds, but the city has lots of ways to prepare.

"Great concepts like the Ike Dike; to put in huge doors in front of the Ship Channel and install improved dune systems. Or things like conservation and trying to be smarter as far as our building codes."

Kovacs says "beach nourishment" is another important method of protecting Galveston's coastline from whatever the future may bring.

"Beach nourishment is a great way to protect our coast and provide for a defense -- we need to have the beach in front of the Sea Wall. Having those beaches nourished improves tourism because everyone from the region and the state can drive down and use them."

The global warming report claims parts of more than 300 cities will be submerged if we keep pumping so-called greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.