Less than six months ago, after the Freedom From Religion Foundation went after League City for saying a prayer before city council meetings, the city is under attack again for religious reasons.


This time it's by one man. Activist Patrick Greene tells KTRH he'll file suit against League City if they don't stop using prayer. Greene is a retired cab driver in San Antonio. So why go after League City when he doesn't live there?


“It frightened me that this would spread over the entire state. They are getting Christianity into the official functioning of the government through the back door,” Greene said.


Greene also says League City’s time is running out.


“I want to give them a chance. If they don’t rescind their resolution by February 25th I will file on the 26th,” Greene stated.


League City Mayor Tim Paulissen told KTRH he's not planning to change a thing.


“I’m confident our new ordinance is legal and above board. Unless a judge tells me otherwise, we will continue as we are doing,” Paulissen said.


And Paulissen also says he has the support of the people that put him into office.


“The people have spoken. They want prayer before the start of the meetings. That’s what I will continue with,” Paulissen explained.


Greene has a history of suing people and places for using religion. He's the same man who sued Henderson County for putting a nativity scene in front of the courthouse during the Christmas season.