We’ve seen religion under attack in many places. We’ve seen it under attack at work. We’ve seen it under attack at city council meetings. We’ve even seem it under attack at high school football games. Now it’s actually under attack in the classroom.

A lawsuit has been filed in New Jersey by a family that wants to have 'Under God' removed from the Pledge of Allegiance that the kids recite every day. Dave Muscato of American Atheists told KTRH the family that is suing is right.

"I don’t think schools should force to tie belief in God to being a good citizen or a good student,” Muscato said.

Muscato says this is no frivolous lawsuit.

“Children have enough trouble trying to fit in. This is pressuring kids to say something unconstitutional and I think it’s wrong,” Muscato stated.

The lawsuit is going after New Jersey's constitution, which leads some to wonder whether or not something like this could happen here in Texas. Charles ‘Rocky’ Rhodes at the South Texas College of Law doubts it.

“There would be no chance,” Rhodes said. “I don’t think a claim like that would succeed here.”

And if it were to happen here, Rhodes says no Texas court would rule in favor of taking the phrase out of the pledge.