Your 12 year old can relax – there’s no big plan to force kids that age to ride in booster seats. 

“I think somebody misinterpreted a statement that made that some small children may need to stay in a booster seat,” explains Russ Rader, a spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Rader says ignore the news stories saying 12 year old passengers will have to be in a booster seat.  He says booster seat requirements are more about size than age, any way.

“There's no recommendation for that,” he says.  “Some children may require a booster seat after the age of eight, but most kids will be able to graduate to using the belts alone.”

Rader says the approach is to make sure the seat belt goes across the child’s shoulders properly and safely.  He says most kids can get out of their booster seat by the time they are eight.