A pair of high-profile medical cases is bringing into question when to end life support, and who ultimately decides.

A Fort Worth man is asking doctors to take his pregnant wife off a ventilator, but state law won't allow it.  In California, a young girl's family continues to keep her alive when doctors have declared her brain dead. 

"'Brain death' would be when none of the brain cells are working, and 'persistent vegetative state' is where there's some working but a person is not going to wake up.  That's the biggest challenge for families to understand."

Houston neurologist Dr. Paul Schulz at UT Health says each case has brought back memories of Terri Schaivo, but Right to Life's Elizabeth Graham disagrees.

"Theirs was more of a custody battle, and the judge and the husband refused to have permission to have tests run."

Either way, it appears the decision has been taken out of the family's hands.