After the White House scandals involving the IRS punishing Tea Party groups and the Justice Department spying on reporters, many are worried about online security -- from their own government!

Rice University Professor Chris Bronk says there's good reason to be concerned.

"This is gonna be a huge issue; oversight on collection of digital information is gonna be an ugly fight."

Bronk says the feds will claim they're snooping to catch terrorists.

"We have so much of our life online and yes it can be monitored and maybe that monitoring can be abused."

What can we do? Dr. Bronk says education is protection. Most online service providers, like Google, have privacy options. Bronk says we need to put in the time to find them and use them.

"These services are free, they're out there, people avail themselves of them. But people don't often take responsibility in how they use them and to be a responsible user of Internet based services involves putting some work into it."