We're learning more about some of the proposals aimed at saving Houston's Astrodome.  A group called 3TFunding has teamed with Services Cooperative Association and submitted an idea to turn the former Eighth Wonder of the World into a giant business incubator.

“Our concept is to bring together all of the resources that a business needs to start-up, acquire or relocate a business to Houston with all of the resources together in a single round shopping mall concept,” says 3TFunding's Tim Trae Tindall.

“Houston actually leads the nation in new business start-ups, and that's every year since 1999 we've lead the world, so there's a huge market for it,” he tells KTRH News.

However, like other groups, Tindall says he's had trouble getting information from Harris County and Reliant Park officials.

“We've received answers from no final amount has been determined for the sale of the building, to others stating that we would like to pursue a lease arrangement with whomever becomes the landlord or primary tenant,” he says.

Tindall says his group is prepared to be either, though it is still in the process of raising enough capital to move forward.

He likens the Dome's possible conversion to Lakewood Church's acquisition of the former Compaq Center.

“The city gave them the option to purchase the building, and the church did so well, they actually paid off the building and now they are the owners of the former Compaq Center,” says Tindall.  “Of course, Lakewood is now the biggest and most successful church in the nation.”