A wild new journey has begun for one college professor who hopes to prove we can all live on a whole lot less.

Professor Jeff Wilson is Dean at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin and has moved into a dumpster on campus, that will be his home for the next year.  The professor and his students are conducting an experiment that aims to show you can live on 1% of the energy of the average American home and 1% of the space.

"I moved in two nights ago, the place was kind of trashed when I moved him.  I hope the previous tennant didn't get their security deposit back."  quibbed the now dubbed Professor Dumpster.  There is a more serious point to the exercise that the professor is trying to get across.  That we all waste resources and we all can do with a little conservation.

For the next two weeks Professor Dumpster will stay every night in his barebones dumpster, with only a little coffee maker, a cardboard box, and a -15° sleeping bag.  It's all he has, he has sold everything else, "to test the hypothesis that you can live in 1% the size of the new American home and still have a pretty good life."

After the two weeks the professor and his students will begin retrofitting the dumpster with more creature comforts to make living a little easier, but also, a little more green.  Stage three of the experiment will include creating a delux dumpster with all the trimmings of modern life, for less money, less energy, and a better conscience.