For the 28th consecutive year, pro football is America's favorite sport -- or so says a Harris Interactive poll. In fact, it leads baseball by a wide margin.

Media critic, Professor and sports fan Jeff McCall says a big part of the reason is football is made for TV.

"Football is a made for America kind of sport in that it's not only great to see in person but it’s great on television."

Professor McCall says we can play baseball, but playing tackle football is probably a bad idea.

"I could never run like that; I could never catch that ball; I could never tackle like that or take the abuse these guys take."

Professor McCall says we revere football players more than other athletes because of the danger.

"Baseball's the kind of thing where a lot of people could go in the back yard and hit a ball a little bit or play Wiffle ball or a church softball game or something like that. But football's really unique in that regard and I think that's part of its appeal."

The poll ranks pro football, baseball, college football, auto racing and pro basketball the top five most popular sports.