President Obama has been calling for tighter gun laws for nearly two years, but according to some new numbers his Justice Department might not be enforcing the ones already on the books.

According to a recent report, the Justice Department has prosecuted 25% fewer cases than they did just six years ago. Gun rights attorney Edwin Walker told KTRH says it doesn't make a lot of sense to him.

“It seems to me that a President that has paid such lip service to the issue that they would do more to enforce the laws already in existence,” Walker said.

But gun control historian Robert Cottrol of George Washington told KTRH it actually makes perfect sense if you look at the history of the gun control movement.

“The focus of the movement has always been to extend more regulations than to hammer people who repeatedly use guns,” Cottrol explained.

Walker agrees with Cottrol on that assessment.

“They are interested in the broader goal. They want to see Americans stripped of their Second Amendment rights,” Walker said.

Cottrol thinks the President and those that back tighter gun laws have been focusing on the wrong target – law abiding citizens.

“The real problem is from career criminals,” Cottrol stated.

And here is one more number from the recent report for you to consider. The 5,082 gun cases that were prosecuted in 2013 is 42% down from the number that was prosecuted by the Justice Department in 2004 under President George W. Bush