Still no demolition plan for the Astrodome as Harris County Commissioners Court continues to weigh it's options.

Several audience members addressed commissioners about this month's failed bond proposal during Tuesday's meeting. Judge Ed Emmett took some of the blame, and tried to clear up any confusion.

“Number one it was not a convention center, that was not the plan,” Emmett told attendees.  “The media kept saying that, but it was never designed to be a convention center.”

“Number two, there's not $30 million owed on it anymore,” he said.

Meanwhile, groups continue to pitch their ideas for re-purposing the stadium.

“My plea here today is that none of us becomes discouraged, resigned or impatient, and that we all keep trying.  Don't throw in the 'Save the Astrodome' towel just yet,” said Chris Alexander with the group “Astrodome Tomorrow.”

Meantime, Maverick Welsh with the city of Houston's historical commission wants to give the stadium landmark status.

“Really it is much more symbolic, because the county could still demolish the building should they choose, whether the city declares it a landmark or not,” Welsh tells KTRH News.

“We're a commission created by City Council to deal with all the historical landmarks and districts throughout the city, but the council and mayor have final say on anything we would do,” he says.

Either way, the landmark status would only put a 90-day hold on any demolition.