A pregnant woman causes a social media firestorm when she posts online pictures of herself weight lifting just weeks from her due date.

Lee-Ann Ellison is a cross-fit guru and whether she wanted to inspire or infuriate, her Facebook pics while weightlifting spurred 450 shares in just two hours.

Ob-Gyn Shannon Clark from UTMB says there is always risk in pregnancy, but even weightlifting is okay.

“Whatever level of activity that you came into the pregnancy with, you can maintain for a significant period of time as long as you can tolerate it,” Dr. Clark tells KTRH News.  “I never recommend a pregnant woman starting a new activity for the first time when they're pregnant.”

The photos stirred up backlash from those who warned Ellis is putting her baby at risk.  Houston personal trainer Lisa Dimmit says those critics are misguided.

“Obviously if there is something wrong with your pregnancy you need to modify, but if you have a healthy pregnancy, I personally don't see anything wrong with what she's doing,” says Dimmit.

Ellison responded to the backlash by saying it makes her “feel proud and loved and strong.”

Social media marketing strategist Crystal Washington says this is a good example how something as innocent as a Facebook picture can cause controversy.

“You're posting it for the world to see, whether you have an open profile or closed, and they will comment positive or negative,” says Washington.

“Think about what you're posting and realize whatever it is, it might seem like the most mundane innocent post ever, but be ready for backlash from it,” she says.