The U.S. Census Bureau has new numbers that says the poverty rate in the U.S. didn't increase and the medium income didn't decrease for the first time since 2006.

While the numbers seem to support a slow recovery in the U.S. economy a sea change may still be a ways off.  Just look at the numbers in Texas.  In the Lonestar state the strong economy has been spurred by job growth and a strong housing market.  But the poverty level and the number of Texans on food stamps has remainded the same.

Linda Edwards Gockel with Texas Health and Human Services says the number of Texans on food stamps is still 3.5 million, "We see people above the age of 60, we have a growth in the people on food stamp benefits."

Celia Cole with the Food Bank Network says the good economy is not solving all the problems in Texas, "So while we may be seeing some modest gains overall in the economy it's not lifting all boats.  People at the lower end of the economy spectrum are still suffering."

Currently the poverty rate in the U.S. is hovering around 15% or 46.2 million Americans.