Those annoying pop up ads, why do we get them?  Can we ever get rid of them?

Search the Internet for hotel rooms or a new car and expect to see those same ads pop up when you're checking fantasy football or sifting through a news site.

“Basically it boils down to a technical creation called a 'cookie,'” says cyber security expert Chris Bronk at Rice University.  “Its something that is left behind on your computer after you visit a particular website and it leaves a record of your visit so other websites can consult that piece of information.”

Most browsers allow you to turn off cookies or delete them when you shut down. 

Google just announced a “cookie-free” search experience.  However, Bronk says simply using it allows Google to track your activity anyway.

“I think most of web transactions are fairly transparent at this point,” he tells KTRH News.  “In light the most recent revelations about the National Security Agency its pretty hard to demonstrate there is a lot of privacy on the Internet.”