Would you be willing to give up the things you own? Would society be better off if people shared more and owned less? A new survey shows you might be willing to share more than you realize.

According to this survey, half of all adults across the globe would give up most of what they owned. Sixty-five percent said society needs to share more. It's called the ‘Sharing Economy,’ and Lone Star College's Hank Lewis told KTRH says you are going to see it grow.

“Some people are finally realizing we are being too wasteful,” Lewis said. “There’s no point in buying new socks if there’s a small hole when you can sew them up instead.”

The survey also said that by the year 2050 we’d be sharing things like cars. Lewis says you're will see that, and that the economy wouldn't suffer at all.

“Businesses that can specialize in that sort of things will be able to make money. Think about what the Netflix model has done,” Lewis explained. “It will create opportunities. If you have good entrepreneurs out there, they will find a way to make money doing just about anything.”

This is happening in Houston with Zipcar in town. But Lewis not everyone will use that kind of service.

“If folks are working near where they live, you might see more of that take root inside the Loop, but not outside the Loop,” Lewis quipped.

One more note from the survey two-thirds of those polled said they get rid of the stuff they don't use every year.