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POLL: Tax Free Holiday

POLL: Tax Free Holiday
Posted August 8th, 2014 @ 4:35am by KTRH's Nik Rajkovic

Back-to-school shopping kicks into high gear as Texas holds its annual tax free holiday this weekend.  Time to try on new clothes, stock up on pens and pencils, and create a special bonding moment between parents and children -- or not.

“You go to some stores and they have 50 lanes, but maybe just four or five open,” one mother told KTRH News.  “Then you've got road rage in the parking lot, its just not worth it.”

“Just to find a place to park and to make it into the store, and then the lines just to check out, you've spent so much time there's no way you could have saved any money,” said another mother.

No worries says Trae Bodge at, most online shopping is tax-free anyway.

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Poll: Are you participating in back-to-school shopping this tax-fee weekend? Or are you taking care of it another time?
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“If you are crowd avert, and I certainly am, I prefer to shop from the comfort of my own home a lot of the times, there are things you can do online, your children can sit with you and peruse the sites,” says Bodge.

“ has an exclusive 20 percent off discount with RetailMeNot right now, and you can get most of your back-to-school supplies and clothes on Amazon, so if you don't want to go to a store that's a good option for you,” she says.

Just watch out for those shipping fees.

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