President Obama likes to talk about this country’s economic recovery. A recent report said there would be growth this year.

Apparently you aren’t buying the hype.

A new poll from Fox says that 58% of you think that the worst is yet to come. That, despite the fact that economist Peter Morici tells KTRH the signs are there that things are turning around.

“Rising GDP, employment and sales. Those are the indicators that the national Bureau of Economic Research uses to track recessions and recoveries,” Morici says.

And that is happening here. But Morici says you’re not satisfied.

"It’s been slow and disappointing,” he said. “This has been going on so long, and with two Presidents.”

That’s a big reason you feel the way you do. And another reason is that your bottom line isn’t increasing.

“They haven’t been experiencing good times. Income is growing a little bit, but most of it is growing among the rich,” Morici explained. “Because of rising state taxes most people have falling real incomes.”

And it's not just the way you feel. Morici says the recovery just hasn't been quick enough.

“The potential rate of growth is 3% and we just haven’t been there,” Morici stated.

And the 58% of you that think the worst is still ahead? That's up from 52% last year and it's the most pessimistic you've been about the economy since 2009.