Many of you don’t believe that the economy has gotten stronger since the recession hit almost five years ago. A Rasmussen poll indicates that 54% think the United States is still in a recession.

Houston financial planner Richard Rosso says the 54% are on to something.

“Most households are still in a recession. They are underemployed. Their houses have not increased in value and they don’t invest as much in stocks,” Rosso explained.

Rosso also finds that number disappointing.

“After five years we’re still at 54%. That’s a very disappointingly high number,” Rosso said.

Rosso thinks a full recovery is going to take a lot more time.

“It takes about ten years to work through this kind of financial crisis. We are halfway there. It’s going to take time,” Rosso stated.

Rosso says if there is a household that isn’t still dealing with the financial crisis, then someone they know is dealing with it.