NASA wants you to help it pick out a new design for its updated space suits.  Eighty-thousand people have already gone online and made a choice from the three examples. 

“Check out all the different designs,” says Dan Huot, a public affairs officer at NASA.  “We have a cool 3-D model that you can see.  You can even turn the lights out on the 3-D model and see what it looks like in dark and they all have kind of a glowing feature to each one.  Then just pick out which one they like best -- and that's it.”

He says the designers got to have some fun with this.

“With this protype,” Huot explains, “the identified something they almost never get to do.  They get to make it look cool, almost just for the sake of looking cool.”

The new Z-2 suits won’t be going into space.  They will be used for ground-based training and testing.

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