If a new poll is right, you aren’t very happy with Congress. And you’re not alone.

Your Congressman is probably frustrated too.

The survey shows that 83% of you disapprove of the job Congress is doing. University of Houston professor Brandon Rottinghaus isn't surprised at all.

“It’s not surprising that it’s low because this Congress has been extremely unproductive,” Rottinghaus said.

Houston Congressman Gene Green told KTRH he'd like to be able to get more done.

“It’s the most frustrating I’ve ever seen. I think people elect us to be legislators. That means we have to give and take. People are frustrated that we’re not doing the job,” Green told KTRH.

Green says Congress is trying, but their efforts aren’t paying off.

“We’re working. We’re having votes. But we’re not producing things. We’re not getting things through the House and Senate at the same time,” Green stated,

Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady says Washington isn’t working together.

“The Senate is passing nothing. The House is passing bill after bill. Until we get both chambers to do their jobs we’re not going to see real resolution,” Brady explained.

This Congress is on pace to pass just 72 bills. Brady told KTRH voters should hold Washington accountable.

“The voters are the key. You’ve got to demand that your representative do their job and pass their best ideas,” Brady said.

However, Rottinghaus thinks voters are comfortable with things the way they are.

“It doesn’t bother them because it’s the ebb and flow of politics,” Rottinghaus said.

And the proof is in the election results. Brady has been in the House since 1997. Green has been in Washington since 1993. And Sheila Jackson Lee has been in Congress since 1995.