A new poll conducted by CNN last week revealed that almost two-thirds of those asked said the economy was 'poor.' But Patrick Jankowski of the Greater Houston Partnership told KTRH your wallets are saying something different.

“Automobile sales have recovered. Housing sales have recovered. And the research shows that most people have recovered their household net worth,” Jankowski said.

And it's not experts like Jankowski saying things are better. You are, too.

“It’s getting better,” ‘Steve’ told KTRH.

But But at the same time he admits he isn't rushing out to make a major purchase like a house or car.

“I don’t have that kind of disposable income. But it’s a little better,” He said.

Another Houstonian told KTRH things are looking up for him, too.

“I am doing better. I’m in the personal training industry and I see more people spending money on their health,” ‘Justin’ told KTRH.

So if things are better, than why are the poll results so bad? Jankowski says it’s because of what people hear in the news ever day. And it’s impacting how they feel.

“People are uneasy over what is going on with the government. And that is carrying over to how they feel about the economy,” Jankowski said.