No more stress about losing one of the kids, whether you’re on vacation at a theme park, going skiing in the winter, or just around your neighborhood.

Losing your kid in the mall, park or airport is a parent's worst nightmare. A bracelet for kids that functions as a GPS tracker is hitting the market.

“Two years ago I assembled two pretty smart dads to team up with me to create the world’s smallest, cutest and most colorful GPS tracking sports band that will allow parents to track their kids within 5 meters,” says Brian Sullivan, CEO of Precise Innovation.  “The goal is to give kids their freedom; let them run around and have fun without having to be close to us.  The ultimate objective is to create active, fun, fit kids and at the same time give parents peace of mind.”

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Kidsport GPS, Caref, and Gabriel GPS, all products made by Precise Innovation, work with an app on your cell phone and promise to tell you, within about 15 feet, where your kids are at all times.

It has a panic button and, if the bracelet is removed or cut off, an instant alert is sent to your cell phone.

The company has struck a deal to sell or rent the trackers at several CO ski resorts. Parents headed to busy theme parks like DisneyWorld, Sea World, and others, are also placing orders with the company.

Kidsport GPS looks like Crocs for wrists, made of colorful materials with the option to add charms.

“We have one that is fun and colorful and you can put widgits and charms on it.  And then we have one that is not only a GPS tracking device but a phone.  The good news about the phone is you can only call three numbers,” Sullivan tells KTRH News.  “You can program it to press one button and it might call mom, you press another button it’ll call dad, press another button and it’ll call big brother or big sister.  There is also an SOS button.  Should the child be in trouble they simply hold down on that button and it will call all three numbers and the child can talk right into the watch and it sounds just like a speaker phone on an iPhone or an android.  It’s sort of the kid’s starter cell phone.”

Each device costs $129 dollars and requires subscription to a monthly data plan at $9.99.