A store front marquee is mostly used to promote specials or give holiday greetings.  Some people say one gun store in Katy is going too far by putting political messages on their storefront billboard. 

Tactical Firearms on Mason Road in Katy has their weekly signage reading “I like my guns like Obama likes his voters. Undocumented.”  Some people say that’s going too far with the political statements while others feel they have a right to express their opinion on their marquee. 

When asked about it owner Jeremy Alcede told KTRH the messages are meant to be funny and are a collaboration of ideas from store employees.   He says the idea of  “We like our guns undocumented…” refers to the fact  that unlike other states, Texas does not register or keep records of your firearms. 

Poll: Did the business go too far with the message?

Tactical firearms and Alcede gained national notoriety last year by having gun rights discussions with controversial rocker Ted Nugent and CNN host Peirce Morgan.     When asked about the phrase on the billboard now, Alcede said they change every Wednesday and his employees are already brainstorming to find this week’s winning message. 

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