Are your kids being brainwashed at school? There are those who say they are. And it’s because of what is being taught as part of the national ‘Common Core’ program.

In Texas there is the CSCOPE program, which has been the subject of controversy for a long time now. In other states there is a program called Common Core. And the curriculum has been sneaking politics into the classroom according to Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media.

“It’s no accident that it’s coming from a pro-big government, left wing point of view,” Preston said.

Preston also says this is nothing new.

“Common Core has been guilty of this before, as has CSCOPE. Common Core needs to be ripped out,” Preston explained.

Here are a couple of examples. In a recent English lesson, kids are asked to edit sentences like, "The president makes sure the laws of the country are fair."  Another sentence they are asked to edit is, ‘The wants of an individual are less important than the well-being of the nation.’ Ginger Russell is an activist who has been fighting programs like this and told KTRH she just shakes her head.

“It’s ludicrous. They aren’t even teaching English anymore,” Russell said. It’s very serious. They have an agenda.”

She got so disgusted with program like this she decided to home school her kids. Her advice to you is to do the same thing.

“Parents have to get involved locally. Pull your kids out of school,” Russell stated.

She also says if you don't, then you need to look at what your kids are learning in school every day.