Houston Police Department share details on the fatal shooting of a man from Beaumont named Carnell Marcus Moore Thursday afternoon at Houston Intercontinental Airport  (IAH).

Before the shooting, police say Moore kidnapped a woman from Beaumont, TX, demanded she drive him to Houston where, from a local hotel, he began posting information on social media outlets that revealed clues about what he planned to do as well as clues concerning his mental state.

HPD Sergeant Brian Harris detailed the final moments of Carnell Moore.  Moore entered the baggage claim area of terminal B then went to the second floor, the public area of the terminal and fire a glock .40 into the air twice.  An air marshal heard the shots and gave commands to Moore, before opening fire striking moore in the shoulder.  The fatal shot was a self-inflicted wound to the temple.

The whole incident began Tuesday Moore kidnapped a woman he worked with in Beaumont.  She convinved him not to hurt her and he released her before driving to Houston and checking into a hotel.  It was at the hotel where police believe he wrote his suicide note and made cryptic postings on social media.

Moore then drove to Bush Intercontinental Airport on Thursday. 

Listen to the podcast of the police conference below: