Houston's police chief says he was taken aback by claims his department won't recover more than 100 vehicles stuck in local bayous.

“I don't know his motive, I'm surprised,” Chief Charles McClelland told reporters Thursday.

“We have certainly worked hand-in-hand together on many, many cases and been successful with his support and help, and I hope we can work with him in the future,” McClelland added.

Earlier this week, Tim Miller at Texas Equusearch raised questions about possible missing persons stuck in those vehicles and claimed a top ranking police official said the city doesn't have the money to recover them.

However, HPD Captain Steve Smith who oversees the department's dive team disagrees with Miller's assessment.

“Its never been a cost reason or a manpower issue for not going after the cars, its just a matter of the difficulty of trying to get them out and what will we profit by that,” said Smith.

Miller plans to ask city council whether his group can tackle the issue.

“I certainly can't stand up and support someone putting their life in danger to undertake some endeavor like this, and then my dive team may have to recover you,” said McClelland.