The near future looks bright in Houston for people who don't have a college education.

The Greater Houston Partnership has created a new initiative to connect schools and businesses to try and help fill an expected 300,000 middle-skill jobs over the next three years.

The Upskill Houston program partners technical schools, community colleges, and public schools to create curricula that provide students a career path that doesn't involve a college degree.

Bob Harvey is the President of the Greater Houston Partnership and says the jobs that need to be filled are trade skill jobs, "Traditionally called blue-collar, we don't use that term as that much anymore.  So, they're jobs like welders, pipe fitters, or there may be technical jobs in the healthcare industry, or dental hygienists..."

Harvey says the Upskill Houston porgram will provide more career options for students as they face a world that get more and more saturated with college graduates, who take on large debt they may never repay.