For the first time in six years, U.S. pickup sales are expected to top two million units this year.  The last time we saw this was before the recession, which apparently had a lot of drivers hanging on to their Silverados and F-150s

They're back in the marketplace now, according to KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds.  So are business owners.

“There's so many (businesses) out there that use pickups,” Reynolds explains.  “Air conditioning, pest controls, anything to do with construction.  All those people have to have a truck, but I also think there's a lot of pent-up demand.”

Hot sales of pickups shouldn’t be surprising, despite gas prices topping three dollars and, in some cases, approaching four.

Reynolds says this year's pickups get a lot better gas mileage than they did in 2007, so high gas prices aren't much of a factor in the buying decision.

“If somebody's driving a six or seven year old truck and they trade for a new one,” he says, “they are going to get substantially better gas mileage, and they're going to get a lot more safety features, too.”

Sales figures are still far below the three million pickups sold per year before the recession.  Of course, 70 thousand dollar price tags on the big ones might be a factor.