Getting older usually means getting less active but new findings show even young people are inactive.

A survey by Bupa in the UK, found that young adults on average walk about five minutes a day.  Bill Kohl with the University of Texas School of Public Health says we actually engineer physical activity out of our lives, "If you look from when we get up to the time we go to sleep at night, we can successfully do what we need to get done without being physically active."

Professor Kohl says sitting all day and physical inactivity needs to be looked at as the new smoking, "Breaking up the day, three ten minute periods of time where you go out for a walk can be instrumental in not only making you feel better.  But, also to reduce the your risk of very serious diseases."

The survey also found that we share a lot of the same excuses for not doing things as simple as taking a walk.  Over 50% of the people surveyed either said the reason they don't walk more was poor weather or not enough time.

Technology is also being blamed for our lack of physical activity.  Whether it is technology in our jobs or in our spare time, we are just doing things that don't require much work.