Grammy-winning music icon Phil Collins is making a donation of artifacts to the Alamo from his extensive private collection.

Phil Collins has been an Alamo-buff for years, visiting regularly, collecting artifacts, and even writing a book.  Collins has one of the largest collections of Alamo artifacts and memorabilia in the world.

Collins is reportedly donating a rifle that belonged to Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie's knife.  

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson says there were plenty of artifacts taken from the Alamo after the battle, "There's folks who picked up items at the battle, there are folks who carried things away, there are local citizens who lived in San Antonio who scoured the battlefield."

The fact that someone like Collins, who is from the U.K. can become an Alamo-buff, it shows the broad appeal of the Alamo and its history to the rest of the world.