Time is running out for Houston voters to sign a petition which could force a repeal of the mayor's controversial equal rights ordinance.  A coalition of local church groups has launched an online campaign to stop the ordinance from going into effect.


“We need 17,000 signatures to force City Council to either repeal the ordinance or put it on the ballot so people can vote,” says Jonathon Saenz with the group Texas Values.


“That website has drop locations, you can download the petition yourself and sign it, you can take it to your neighbor, get it notarized and get it in,” he says.


Saenz says council members themselves reported calls of 4-1 to as high as 10-1 against the measure.


“The only reason to some people it seemed like there was support for the ordinance is because in the last meeting the mayor stacked the deck with all of her supporters, and effectively pushed everyone else to the end of the line,” he says.


The petition signatures will be turned over to the city clerk Monday.