Some Texas lawmakers are questioning how Governor Rick Perry is funding his national guard deployment along the border.

A state House committee Tuesday heard more about plans of using a $38 million rider already earmarked for DPS communications next year.

Democrats are crying foul, but State Rep. Allen Fletcher defends the move.

“Republicans are humanitarians just like Democrats, we care about those children, we care about doing what's right for them,” says the Cypress Republican.  “On the other hand, we have a responsibility to keep our border safe.”

Fletcher says ultimately it's up to the feds to pay us back.

“We send them money, and they don't send us back the same amount proportionately they do some of the other states, so its time Texas let them know we ant to be treated fairly,” he says.

If not, state lawmakers will have to make up the differences elsewhere.

The deployment could cost Texas taxpayers $3 million a week, and the commander overseeing the 1,000 troops told lawmakers they plan to be on the border for at least a year.

“If we don't get that money back then we will have to make allowances when we get into session next time,” says Fletcher.  “But I can assure you the monies are in place and we have the money to address this issue if we don't get it back.”