Governor Rick Perry is taking the Texas success story on the road again.  The governor will travel to Missouri next week to promote the Lone Star State's economy and business atmosphere.  "With a superior quality of life and a business climate that is second to none, Texas is poised at the brink of a new era of prosperity, and we hope you'll take part," Governor Perry says in the intro to his ad for the "Texas Wide Open For Business" campaign.  The effort includes a website, TV and online ads, and visits from Perry himself to lure businesses from other states to Texas.

So far this year, Perry has made similar visits to California, Illinois, New York and Connecticut.  "It's about fishing where the fish are," says Perry spokeswoman Lucy Nashed.  "You're going to go to states that might have higher taxes or more stringent regulations."  She tells KTRH that the governor wants to reach out in a positive way to business owners and entrepreneurs in those states.  "Getting the message out there that if they are not happy with the things going on in their state, they should be looking to Texas," says Nashed.  "Because we've created an environment here that not only gives them the best opportunity to succeed, but also provides a great quality of life for their employees."

For those wondering who is paying for this promotional effort, it's a public-private partnership called TexasOne that is geared specifically at marketing Texas nationally and internationally.  The governor's office says TexasOne is paying for the ad buys and for Perry's travel and accommodations, and no state tax dollars are being used in the campaign.  With a little over a year left in office, Governor Perry apparently plans to venture out even more.  Earlier this week, the California Republican Party announced Perry will speak at their annual convention in Anaheim during the first week of October.  The California GOP said Perry was invited to speak--fittingly--about Texas' positive record on jobs and economic growth.