It looks like Governor Rick Perry is at it again. He wined and dined businesses in California and Illinois. His latest targets are New York and Connecticut.

The Governor will be in New York and Connecticut next week, and an ad campaign is currently airing in New York, similar to the ones we’ve seen in California and Illinois

However, New York has had a 140 million dollar ad campaign that's been going on for over a year. That campaign has featured the likes of legendary actor Robert De Niro. Rice University's Mark Jones told KTRH that Texas has forced other states into campaigns like this.

“Texas has ruffled some feathers, and Perry has ruffled some feathers by the very public nature of his attempts to go job poaching in California and New York and Illinois,” Rice explained.

Jim Henson of the Texas Politics Project says this is just the latest move in a long fight.

“It’s always been a benchmark of how business works in a national economy. It’s really just the latest development in a long story,” Henson said.

So, who does this help more, Texas or Rick Perry? Henson says the state benefits first.

“The campaign promotes Texas’ image where there are businesses to be recruited,” Henson states.

And Jones agrees.

“It’s great for Texas. It signals to businesses that Texas is open for business and has a thriving economy,” Jones said.

The latest Perry ad campaign will cost one million dollars.