Texas Governor Rick Perry continues to wine and dine East Coast business leaders in an attempt to convince them to move to Texas. And as he did in California and Illinois, he has rubbed some people the wrong way. 

The feathers he's ruffled belong to Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy, who took shots at Texas' higher crime rate and education problems.

"It is amazing how short people's memory is," Malloy said. "Connecticut has its strengths, and Texas has its strengths."

"Maybe he can talk about Texas' higher crime rate, the higher murder rate, and higher assault rate," Malloy said. "Also, low educational achievement."

Perry's response to Malloy was more political than adversarial.

“I hope I have been civil. I will continue to be civil. I hope we can shake hands and realize that we are just competitors. We are all Americans first,” Perry told reporters in Hartford.

Malloy says what Perry is doing is basically campaigning for President in 2016. But a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll says Texas Senator Ted Cruz has more than twice the support Perry has. University of Houston Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus told KTRH people might just be tired of the Governor.

“It shows a bit of fatigue with Governor Perry. That’s partly because he’s been in office for so long. But it is also because of his failed presidential bid,” Rottinghaus said.

But there may be another reason for Cruz’ big numbers. Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media says that Cruz has become a political rock star.

“Ted Cruz has exploded on to the scene. I think people have been pleased with how Cruz has acquitted himself,” Preston told KTRH.

Perry apparently has problems here at home, too. The same poll says only 25% of all voters would give him another four years as the state's Governor.