We’ve been speculating for months about what Texas Governor Rick Perry will do with his political future. Those questions will be answered today.            

The Governor will make his plans clear at in San Antonio later today. But he wasn't giving any hints when he joined Fox News Sunday.

“You’ll just need to be in San Antonio and find out with everyone else,” Perry told John Roberts of Fox News.

The speculation is that the Governor will decide against running for a fourth term in Austin.

Analyst Matt Mackowiak told KTRH that, “The most likely scenario is he’s going to announce he is not running for re-election.”

If that is the case, it could set him up for another run at the White House. Perry ran for President in 2012, but ended his campaign early in the primary season.

“Certainly, that’s an option that’s out there,” Perry stated.

Perry prefers to focus on the job at hand in Austin. For now.

“We’re going to pass restrictions on abortion in Texas. That’s what we’re focused on. The politics will take care of itself,” Perry explained.

Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media says if Perry doesn’t run for Governor, he could handpick his successor.

“He could become a kingmaker in Texas politics for the rest of his life,” Preston told KTRH.

Attorney General Greg Abbott is seen by many as Perry's heir apparent as Governor.