Governor Rick Perry says his fourth visit to Israel was another chance to show off Texas as a global trade leader. 

Perry said the 10-day trip which also took him to London, was an opportunity to “open discussions'' with businesses that might be expanding overseas.

“The opportunities we hold for folks that are looking to expand or relocate internationally,” he told reporters during a conference call Wednesday.  “Bottom line is, its going to mean more and better jobs for Texans across our state.”

The governor also announced plans to create a Texas A&M campus in Israel's largest Arab city.

“We want to see the Nazareth branch as a means to move the peace process forward and build understanding between cultures,” Perry said.

Perry also took part in discussions about energy and water conservation, two things he says Texas and Israel have in common.

Israel and Texas share many of the same challenges,” he said.  “We need to utilize the latest technology and strategies to make the most of the water supply that we have.”

Though he wouldn't confirm anything, some see the governor's trip as a sign he's planning to make another presidential run in 2016.