A new government report says the Defense Department's inventory system is so out-dated that roughly $1 billion worth of ammo must be destroyed. 

The report from the Government Accountability Office comes as gun owners and dealers continue to scramble to find their own ammunition.

“Got an order place five years ahead of time, so there's a huge shortage and ?I'm not seeing it get any better, this is just ridiculous,” says Jeremy Alcede at Tactical Firearms in Katy.

Retired Army General Bill McClain says what's more disturbing to him is the DOD's lack of symmetry -- even after 9-11.

“We need to adopt systems to where the Marines, Navy, Air Force and Army can all share information about different types and amounts of ammunition they have that's excess to their foreseeable needs,” McClain tells KTRH News.

In defense of the military, McClain says destroying ammo is nothing new for the Pentagon.

“A lot of this ammo is spread out all over the world in bits of pieces here and there,” he says.  “Sometimes its easier and more cost effective to destroy the ammunition than it is to pack it up and ship it.”

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