A team from Pearland has qualified for the Little League World Series for the second time in the last five years. 

The World Series kicks off today in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  Pearland East will play a team from New England Friday night. 

World Series spokesman Brian McClintock says it says a lot about the program when a team returns to the World Series more than once.

Pearland East qualified by beating a team from Louisiana last week to win the Southwest Regional.

McClintock says it’s significant when a team from the same community returns to the Little League World Series.

“These teams are from the communities,” he says.  “They're not hand-picked from across the state.  They're a hometown team, so, to see them compete at such a consistent level like that, it shows the people are focused on the team -- and that's what's great about seeing Pearland back.”

Pearland finished second in 2010.