It won’t be long.  Some online security experts say we won’t be using passwords for security at some point in the near future.

Those passwords keep online sites and your personal data secure now, but in the future you may use biometrics like a fingerprint or retina scan.  Technology expert Peter Shankman says we're already using some alternatives to passwords now.

“It's definitely being used.  Whether you want to want to be able to stop using your password on sites like Yahoo and Google -- that's a little further down the line,” he says, adding, “The technology has to catch up.”

Shankman says you might want to use a pass phrase, like "Ilikemary," instead.  Moving too quickly on enhanced security approaches could push price tags higher.

“Software tech exists already to accept voice passwords or retina identification or really anything you want,” he says, “but it really comes down to whether you're willing to spend another seven or eight hundred dollars on your computer.”

He says we could stay secure online if everybody used 45-letter passwords, but we’d never remember them.