The hassel of getting your passport could be lessened in Harris County.

Starting August, 1 the District Clerk's Office will proccess passport requests.  District Clerk Chris Daniel says they can make it easier, "We are able to cut down on the lines and we are able to do batches.  Appointments/batches for corporations."

The batches allow companies with overseas workers or contractors to easliy process multiple passport renewals or requests without each individual having to wait in line.  

This does not mean the post office will stop processing passports.  But, there is an expected overflow that will need to be taken care of when the Mickey Leland Federal Building is closed for renovation on Labor Day.

District Clerk Daniel says making passports easier is perfect for Houston, "Our market is a very international market, we are a very international city, a very diverse city.  So, this hits all those points."

The County Commissioners Court does have to approve one part of the change.  The Clerk's Office plans to collect the $10 photo convenience fee, which has to be approved by the Commissioners Court.  The fee would be a new source of revenue for the county.