Doctors say former president George W. Bush should be able to resume all activities shortly after having partial knee replacement surgery. 

Dr. Stefan Kreuzer says better instrumentation and techniques are producing better results from partial knee replacement.  He says a titanium or cobalt chrome metal piece is attached to the tibia and the thigh bone, with a high-grade plastic in between.

“That's really the new cartilage, so to speak,” Kreuzer says, “and that's where it articulates.  In knees it's not a metal-on-metal articulation, it's a metal-on-plastic articulation.”

The UT Health orthopaedic surgeon says success rates are much improved.  Bush-43 is expected to be riding his mountain bike again soon.

Partial knee replacement is less invasive.

“We replace only the portion of the knee that is truly arthritic,” he says.  “The main benefit is it is a quicker recovery, it's a more normal-feeling knee.”